Random Musings (not part of the story)

Ever have one of those days or lives where it seems things will never be easy?  That the universe just continually throws shit in your way that you have to navigate around?  I know that life in general is not all pretty pink unicorns and rainbows, but damnit!  I would love to have a break.  Normally I am an optimistic person, doing my best to find something good when things go wrong instead of taking the easier course of focusing on the negative.  The last 6 to 8 months has been putting a huge strain on my ability to remain positive.  I’m tired of everything being so hard.  I am tired of being the one to give constantly, my time, my affection, my self.  For once in my life I would like someone to give to me without me looking for it or asking for it.  Whatever it might be.  I’m tired of being the sane one, the calm one, the rock.  Could someone else do it for me for a change and let me have my own little break down?  Cause I really could use one right about now.  But I can’t and I won’t.  I have to be strong and responsible and keep going no matter what shit life throws at me.  It just sucks.


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