The Other

You force me to my knees, arms wrenched behind my back. My breath hitches and my pulse speeds up the moment the rope touches my skin. You wrap the rope around and around. Over and under. Around my neck, between my breast, between my legs, pressed against my pussy and clit. I adjust myself on my knees, the rope rubs my clit and I moan. You whisper be still as you walk around me, studying your work, satisfied you come around behind me and push me down until my chest is pressed against a wedge and my knees are pushed up under me so my ass and pussy are exposed. You blindfold me, I hear you step away and open the door, whispering to someone. Minutes like hours pass, all I hear are your movements, the occasional whisper, and faint moans. There is another. This Other is placed in front of me, in the same position as I. I know this because I can feel their warm breath on my face. Master then straps a ball gag to my face. Unexpectedly I am breathing the Other’s breath. It’s a double gag. My heart is racing and I am already wet, pussy throbbing in anticipation of what is to come. We hear the tell tale buzz of a vibrator or hitachi or both coming to life. A hand runs down the dip in my back before caressing my ass, fingers slip between my ass crack, slick with lube. One finger presses against my opening, popping easily through my tight ring. I hear the Other moan, he/she must be getting similar treatment I think. Maybe there is another Master here. More fingers are added stretching me. I groan and try to push my hips back, earning me a stinging slap and the admonishment to ‘be still’. I stifle a groan as the fingers are taken from my ass. I want them back! I mourn their loss. And then I rejoice , something better is back and slowly worked into my ass, stretching me more than the fingers did. I relish the burn from the stretch and fancy I can here the little ‘pop’ of each ring on the plug as they clear my entrance. My arousal is running down the insides of my thighs, my breath coming out in shallow pants. Sweat is beginning to run down my face, mingling with the sweat of the Other. I think I may be drooling, but I can’t tell. Master bends to whisper “good girl” and runs his hand over my head before stepping away to grab one of the vibrators buzzing in the background. The buzzing gets louder and is pressed to my swollen labia and clit. I want to scream at the pleasure, I want to cum but I can’t until I’m told I can. Tears are leaking out if my eyes, the pleasure so intense as Master increases the speed of the vibe. I still don’t know how long this has been going on, but my body is shaking. Shaking from adrenaline, shaking from denying my pleasure, shaking from being silent. I am so close to begging for release or however one can beg when gagged face to face with another when I hear the two most beautiful words in the human vocabulary. “Come, now”! I let go and scream my release as wave after wave slams into me over and over. Vaguely, I hear the Other’s scream meld with mine. I am nearly senseless by the time Master removes my blindfold so I can see the Other I am connected to. I look into eyes as dazed as mine. From the corner of my eye, I see a cock with a hand on it, jerking it off. I glance to the other side and see the same thing. This cock belongs to my Master. The hands pick up speed along with their breathing. Double one’s breath comes at the same time right before an explosion of cum hits mine and the Other’s faces, dribbling down into our mouths so our tongues can catch their offering. Then hands are moving me, untying the rope, rubbing feeling back into my, hands, arms, and legs. I am scooped up and held close to a hard chest. My Master’s chest. I snuggle into his chest, content, knowing he is proud of me as words of praise drip from his tongue to my ears.


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