What can I say about myself.  They are just words, labels, they aren’t really me. I live in the United States, I am a woman, a mother, divorced, a wife (2nd time’s the charm), an employee, a gamer, a writer, a bibliophile, a beer brewer, and film fan (horror/sci-fi/fantasy for the win).  These are in no particular order and only partially define me.

I started writing out of frustration.  Frustration over not finding some of the kinds of stories I wanted to read.  Well, actually, I wrote before this blog, but the urge lay dormant until recently.  This blog is the place I currently choose to make my story or stories come to life.  That could change, who knows.  I may also post general musings or angst occasionally, depending on my whims.  I hope my stories bring you joy or, at the very least, entertainment.  If I accomplish that, then my job is done.  xxxx

P.S. All things written here are copyrighted by me, therefor they are mine and mine alone. Reblogs are welcome, stealing is not. xoxo


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