The Other

You force me to my knees, arms wrenched behind my back. My breath hitches and my pulse speeds up the moment the rope touches my skin. You wrap the rope around and around. Over and under. Around my neck, between my breast, between my legs, pressed against my pussy and clit. I adjust myself on my knees, the rope rubs my clit and I moan. You whisper be still as you walk around me, studying your work, satisfied you come around behind me and push me down until my chest is pressed against a wedge and my knees are pushed up under me so my ass and pussy are exposed. You blindfold me, I hear you step away and open the door, whispering to someone. Minutes like hours pass, all I hear are your movements, the occasional whisper, and faint moans. There is another. This Other is placed in front of me, in the same position as I. I know this because I can feel their warm breath on my face. Master then straps a ball gag to my face. Unexpectedly I am breathing the Other’s breath. It’s a double gag. My heart is racing and I am already wet, pussy throbbing in anticipation of what is to come. We hear the tell tale buzz of a vibrator or hitachi or both coming to life. A hand runs down the dip in my back before caressing my ass, fingers slip between my ass crack, slick with lube. One finger presses against my opening, popping easily through my tight ring. I hear the Other moan, he/she must be getting similar treatment I think. Maybe there is another Master here. More fingers are added stretching me. I groan and try to push my hips back, earning me a stinging slap and the admonishment to ‘be still’. I stifle a groan as the fingers are taken from my ass. I want them back! I mourn their loss. And then I rejoice , something better is back and slowly worked into my ass, stretching me more than the fingers did. I relish the burn from the stretch and fancy I can here the little ‘pop’ of each ring on the plug as they clear my entrance. My arousal is running down the insides of my thighs, my breath coming out in shallow pants. Sweat is beginning to run down my face, mingling with the sweat of the Other. I think I may be drooling, but I can’t tell. Master bends to whisper “good girl” and runs his hand over my head before stepping away to grab one of the vibrators buzzing in the background. The buzzing gets louder and is pressed to my swollen labia and clit. I want to scream at the pleasure, I want to cum but I can’t until I’m told I can. Tears are leaking out if my eyes, the pleasure so intense as Master increases the speed of the vibe. I still don’t know how long this has been going on, but my body is shaking. Shaking from adrenaline, shaking from denying my pleasure, shaking from being silent. I am so close to begging for release or however one can beg when gagged face to face with another when I hear the two most beautiful words in the human vocabulary. “Come, now”! I let go and scream my release as wave after wave slams into me over and over. Vaguely, I hear the Other’s scream meld with mine. I am nearly senseless by the time Master removes my blindfold so I can see the Other I am connected to. I look into eyes as dazed as mine. From the corner of my eye, I see a cock with a hand on it, jerking it off. I glance to the other side and see the same thing. This cock belongs to my Master. The hands pick up speed along with their breathing. Double one’s breath comes at the same time right before an explosion of cum hits mine and the Other’s faces, dribbling down into our mouths so our tongues can catch their offering. Then hands are moving me, untying the rope, rubbing feeling back into my, hands, arms, and legs. I am scooped up and held close to a hard chest. My Master’s chest. I snuggle into his chest, content, knowing he is proud of me as words of praise drip from his tongue to my ears.


My Personal Humiliation

I’m waiting for you in my room, naked per your instructions. I’m bathed from head to toe and in between, smelling of soap and my own scent, nothing more. With my long auburn hair curling down my back and red lipstick on my full lips I sit on the edge of the bed. Waiting, appearing the picture of calm serenity when inside me is a tempest. Tonight will not be like other nights. Tonight is a major test of my boundaries and limits. There has been no discussion, there will be no safe words. I have consented to all this. For good or bad.

I hear the front door open and quickly place my shaking hands on my lap and bow my head. I hear you come into the room and stand in front of me. My eyes on your shoes, leaning ever so slightly towards you, signaling my need for you. You pull me to my feet and guide me to the center of the room. Wordlessly you inspect me. Running your hands over me, smelling me, bending down to pull my ass cheeks apart to inspect my tight little rosebud. Handling me like livestock. I feel a blush creep up my cheeks as you inspect my pussy, spreading my labia apart, seeing, despite my humiliation, the tell tale wetness and swelling indicating my arousal.

Finally you speak, “well done pet. I am pleased”. You lean in and growl in my ear. “I can’t wait to test your limits. You’re in for a delicious treat”. My pulse races and my breathing quickens, a flutter of panic flits across my chest. This is not the voice of my Sir. This is a Sir I don’t know. A dangerous and dark Sir.

My eyes are still trained on the floor so I can’t see what you’re doing until I feel the leather going around my throat. “You will not speak at all tonight, pet. Not one word or you will be severely punished. You may nod or shake your head but that is all. Am I clear”? I nod quickly, feeling the edge of the collar dig into my skin.

“Good. Now I think you need to look a bit more disheveled”. With those words you grab my hair and jerk my head back. Tears spring to my eyes from the pain. You drag your thumb across my lips smearing my lipstick across my face. Quick as lightning you move slamming up against the wall, my legs around your waist as you unzip your pants, pull out your cock and slam it into my pussy as you yank one of my legs over your shoulder allowing you to pound me over and over. Your fingers digging painfully into the flesh of my hip and thigh. All I can do is grab your shoulders and hang on and try to keep my head from banging into the wall!

Abruptly you stop, unceremoniously dropping my legs, leaving me to catch myself as you tuck your still hard cock into your pants. I’m still trying to right myself when you grab me by the arm and drag me to the living room. “Stay”‘ you say tersely and go to the closet, returning with a chain, my coat, and a pair of red stilettos. Put the shoes and coat on you demand. I slip on the shoes. As I put on my coat you hook the chain to my collar and give it a tug. “Lovely. Let’s go”. And you lead me by the leash to the waiting limo.

Once inside, you force me to kneel at your feet. As the car pulls away you open your pants. “Suck me”. I glance at the driver, hesitating. You grab me, forcing my mouth on your cock. ” I said suck me, slut. Do not hesitate again”. I try to nod but can’t because you’ve grabbed my head and forced your cock down my throat. All I can do is gag and choke, eyes watering, as you fuck my face.

You pull me off before you cum. I fall back against the seat, chest heaving as I suck air into my grateful lungs. I’ve barely caught my breath before you yank my leash and drag me me into a deep kiss. Brutal and punishing to my already sore mouth, devouring.

Vaguely I realize the limo has stopped. You pull away, tightening your hold on my leash and open the door, pulling me after you. I know the building we’re in front of. You hear my faint gasp. “That’s right pet. And it is ours for the night”. I shiver in fear and arousal. I can feel my pussy throb at the thought of what is to come.

We enter the city’s most popular fetish club, eerily silent, but for the sound of our shoes. You stride purposefully to one door, pull it open, and drag me through after you. In the center of the room is a padded table. Along the edges of the room are masked figures. Some beautiful, some horrific, and some purely evil looking. I begin to tremble beginning to have an idea if what is to happen.

You rip my coat off and drag me by my leash to the table. “Get on and lay on your back”. I scramble to obey. “Very good pet. Now slide up so your head is hanging off the side”. Once I’m in position I feel the rope. Winding around my wrists tightly, then attached to the eyebolts coming out of the table. I feel the rope around my ankles and my legs spread as wide as possible before they are anchored in place. Sir comes to my head and whispers in my ear. “Tonight my slut, you will service us all, as many times as we wish, without cumming. I will allow you to cum if I am pleased. To insure you do not know who is touching you, you will be blindfolded.

The blindfold is in place and I feel the first cock at my mouth, forcing its way past my lips and down my throat. Below, I feel something cold and stiff rub my pussy. Despite everything I am dripping wet, throbbing, aching for my cunt to be filled. Suddenly, my pussy is slapped by the very thing I just felt. A burning pain radiates through me causing my back to arch as I wordlessly keen around the cock in my mouth. My pussy is slapped again and again and again. Each slap sounding wetter and wetter during each impact. The cock in my mouth erupts and I’m choking and swallowing its owner’s cum. Another cock replaces that one as I feel a mouth latch onto my pussy, sucking and biting my engorged clit. I scream around the cock in my mouth. My hips thrashing on the table.

The mouth on my pussy is replaced by a cock. This one is larger than I’m used to as I feel my pussy stretch, the burning pain only adding to my arousal.

I lose track of time, lose track of the number if cocks I suck, the number of mouths and tongues on my pussy, and the number of cocks fucking me. I can feel the mixture of cum and pussy juices dripping down my thighs. I am limp, nearly spent from denying my orgasm. I barely feel when the ropes are removed and I’m helped upright so I am sitting up. Sir hands me a glass of milky white fluid. “Drink it slut. Drink it all without spilling a drop and you’ll get your reward”. I close my eyes, briefly considering saying no and taking the punishment, but I don’t. I take a deep breath, take the glass, and drink. I drink the thick, bitter concoction down as quickly as possible. Not thinking about what it is. If I do, I’m done.

I manage the task, barely, and the room erupts in applause. My Sir looks at me, ” Well done. Time for your reward”. He forces me on my back, flips me over, and drags me down the table until my legs are dangling down and my ass is in the air. He pulls me up higher, lining my pussy with his cock, driving into me. I scream and feel the edges of my eyesight darken. I need to cum but I can’t ask. All I can do is whimper and whine and pray Sir gives me permission to cum.

I can tell Sir is about to cum as his thrusts lose their rhythm. Finally he shouts, “Cum now pet”! I let go, the most intense orgasms rolls through me. One after the other after the other until I am a boneless, shuddering mass on the table.

The next thing I know I wake on Sir’s lap. We’re in the same room but alone. He’s snuggled me in close to warm me and ease my trembling as he kisses my tears away. “You were so brave my love, my pet. I am so proud of you.” I smile, feeling content and safe. And despite the humiliation I wonder what Sir will have of me next.